Student respect for Greek organizations seems lacking, Durant says

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Apr 14, 2016
Dr Leroy Durant Sitting
Vice President for Student Development and Services Dr. Leroy Durant speaks with Panther reporters on April 12. (Panther photo)


A strong fraternity and sorority presence on campus is desirable, but the future of Greek life is in the hands of the organizations, Claflin Vice President for Student Development and Services Dr. Leroy Durant said.

During a news conference with The Panther on April 12, Durant said some students join fraternities and sororities just to see what letters they can get. He questions the level of respect for and commitment to the organizations.

"How much do they respect the organization that they are a part of?" Durant said of students.

The parent organization removed one fraternity from Claflin in the last year because allegations of hazing proved to be founded, Durant said. With its banishment period over, the fraternity could come back now but that is up to the parent organization.

Tuition to increase 3%


The Claflin University Board of Trustee approved a 3 percent increase in tuition and fees,  Dr. Leroy Durant, vice president for student development and  services, told reporters with The Panther during an April 12 news conference.

The increase will total about $700 a year per student.

Students living on campus in Dunton, Asbury, Corson and High Rise will pay about $25,038 per year, Students living in Kleist Hall will pay $25,944 and people living in the back buildings such as Commons and SRC buildings will be paying $27,222.

Students off campus would pay roughly $15,000 but should not quite meet $17,000. Summer school tuition will decrease.

Transgender students must be included


During a sit-in session with reporters from The Panther, Vice President for Student Development and Services Dr. Leroy Durant was questioned about the controversy surrounding the welfare and rights of transgender individuals.

“You have to be inclusive on a college campus,” said Durant in his reply to whether activities such as pageants could include transgender people. “I don’t think you can exclude anyone.”

“At the end of the day, not everyone is going to be pleased. Nothing that you do is going to please everybody. But that’s the society we live in,” said Durant in relation to receiving backlash for his ideas on transgender.

At Claflin, if you state that you are a female or male on your application, the university does not go further in documenting gender with regard to dorm placement and other matters.

Getting passionate, personal


“I believe that our students, African-American students, have the greatest amount of opportunity, but I do believe that they miss the boat because they’re waiting for someone to give it to them vs. going to get it,” Vice President for Student Development and Services Dr. Leroy Durant said in the April 12 news conference with The Panther.

Asked about issues he sees relating to student achievement, Durant got passionate in his words of advice:

· “I don’t see students having major issues. I believe this; young adults are going to act like young adults at the end of the day. You just hope that they will learn from mistakes that they make and that is from the discipline standpoint of view,” Durant said.

·Students do not use resources available to them, Durant said. “From the standpoint of using resources that are available, I will consider that a major concern.”

· Durant stressed that students should apply for scholarships. “You’re on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever you’re on; use the time to invest in your education.”

· “Our students don’t take advantage of the internships available to them. They rather decide to go back home, do absolutely nothing and try to come back in August.”

· Competition is not among classmates, competition is global, Durant said. “Your competition is a global perspective. You’re competing against the best in the world and you put yourself into that category.”

· “… Those are things that concern me because I don’t see our students being as proactive as they should.”

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