Mr. Claflin has Egyptian theme for October coronation

By: Michael Alston
Aug 30, 2016
Adarius Stewart Poses
Mr. Claflin Ar’Darius Stewart plans an Egyptian-themed coronation on Oct. 9.
The show is titled “The Legacy as Pharaoh.” Stewart has put a lot of work into making sure the coronation is a success.
Over the summer, he took a trip to Uganda. The experience was the inspiration behind the concept of his coronation.
“Just being over there in the motherland, seeing the people and seeing how rich our history is in Africa definitely inspired me to have an African-themed coronation,” Stewart said.
Mr. Claflin has three Claflin students lined up to perform in the coronation.
Vincent Sanders will do a monologue titled, “I chose Egypt.” Esther Jones will be singing “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and PULSE Dance Company will be dancing to an Egyptian musical selection.
Stewart’s family will be in attendance.
“It’s going to feel good seeing my family there seeing me being crowned as Mr. Claflin,” Stewart said. “They are my biggest supporters.”
As the date of the coronation approaches, Mr. Claflin is working harder to make sure the outcome of the coronation will be outstanding.
“Being Mr. Claflin is a blessing because not a lot of people can say they’ve had the privilege. It’s a privilege to be considered an HBCU King,” Stewart said.
The coronation will begin at 7 the William Vernon Middleton building.
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