Claflin prepares to help needy at Thanksgiving

Oct 28, 2017

Claflin University will host its annual Thanksgiving Family Dinner on Nov. 20.

During this time, Claflin gives about 100 food boxes to the elderly and those on a fixed income. Each box consists of an adequate Thanksgiving meal such as ham, turkey, collard greens, potatoes, stuffing, dressing, onions and anything else that Claflin decides to donate.

“This is Claflin University serving the community,” said Carolyn Snell, who directors the program.

The people receiving the meals are chosen with the assistance of agencies such as the Orangeburg County Department of Social Services.

For the last 10 years, the program was held in Corson Hall when it was considered the cafeteria. After the chapel was built, Claflin moved the dinner there and made it a formal event.

The program is a church service held in the James and Dorothy Z. Elmore chapel. Following the service, the dinner is held and the boxes are distributed.

Male students from the Honor College and Claflin Men 100 act as ambassadors to carry out the boxes to the cars for senior citizens.

The boxes are prepared by the offices of Claflin University and the student organizations prominent on campus.

The program has been in full effect for 15 years and continues to grow with support, help and donations from faculty, staff and students.

Students, the community and all willing to donate are invited to attend.

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