Claflin celebrates Panther Fest

By: Panther staff
Sep 28, 2017

riding bull kyhree gray

Junior Deanna Oliver enjoys riding a bull to end Panther Fest with a smile on her face. (Panther photo by Kyhree Gray)


Claflin students get excited for Panther Fest.

The fall celebration held in conjunction with National HBCU Week began Sept. 18, 2017, with a block party in Highrise court with the announcing of Johnson Juice that had the whole campus talking.

Konist Davis-Johnson, coordinator student activities, decided to add a twist to the event with her juice.

“This juice is actually pretty good, a little sweet but it wasn’t that bad, Curtis Pearson said.

Wednesday Envuex modeling company performed a fashion show in the plaza during lunch. The theme was all denim on denim to get people ready for the latest fall trends.

The models allowed Claflin students to participate and walk down the runway and strike a pose.

“That was so fun I was nervous and scared at first, but I just went out there and had fun,” Kaelyn Hollinger said.

Friday ended Panther Fest with a carnival behind Claflin’s newest dorm, The Commons.

Snow cones, popcorn and nachos were served. Activities included a dunk tank and a mechanical bull.

“I had so much fun riding the bull I couldn’t hold much longer, but it was fun,” Jasmine Hall said.

“Panther Fest was way better this year,” Charity B said.

panther fest lip sync tarryn delyons

(Panther photo by Tarryn N. DeLyons)

The lip-sync battle


The lip-sync battle was held at Claflin University’s WVM auditorium, getting started 20 minutes before the event as a cluster of students sang, danced and laughed getting themselves amped up before the show.

Then came show time.

Four girls lip-synced the song “Wild Thoughts” by Rihanna.

Two guys from the audience got on stage when the man's verse came up in the song.

They mimicked the lyrics while dancing.

The crowd cheered them on.

The second song by a female performer was a gospel number, “Lord If I Find Favor In Your Sight.”

The crowd was feeling the song while the girl lip-synced it. Then she really got into the song and people from the crowd amped her up.

During the intermission, the DJ played a gospel song, “Shackles On My Feet.” The audience danced and sang along.

At each intermission, the DJ played a categorized song pertaining to what the next lip-sync person was going to sing. So it was either R&B, rap or gospel.

The next girl sang a gospel song called “Jesus Work On Me.”

Two freshmen MCs asked the crowd to judge the two girls singing the gospel songs by making noise for each performer.

They pointed to each girl and it sounded like both of them got the same amount of noise. So it was a tie.

There was a girl who sang “Who’s Loving You.” The crowd loved her dance moves.

Another girl sang a cook-and-clean song made by director, actor and screenplay writer Tyler Perry. She went from a house robe and took off the house robe into a dress. The audience was surprised.

Two young men sang two songs between R&B and Gospel.

The boy who sang the R&B song came off the stage, started dancing, then when people thought the song was over, he spun around and landed on his knees, lip syncing to this one girl in the crowd. The girl was surprised and started laughing.

"I didn't expect him to do that," she said while laughing.

Overall, the lip-syncing battle had a few people who won but the majority of them were tied together by the level of crowd noise.

panther fest jenell green 2

Claflin student Aulexia Williams on the mechanical bull during Claflin University Panther Fest. (Panther photo by Jennell Green)

Time of a lifetime on mechanical bull


It’s that time of the year as Claflin hosts the 2017 Panther Fest.

"I look forward to Panther Fest every year, especially the carnival," sophomore Rosetta Michell said.

“I had the time of my life when I rode the mechanical bull. I really enjoyed myself," she said.

Panther fest is a series of events throughout the day and night. It’s like a homecoming kickoff, a Student Activities Board representative said.

“I participated in the homecoming spirit week. Me and my friends dressed alike for twin day. It reminded me of spirit week in high school," Myya Coleman said.

“Panther Fest gets better every year."

opening event alexis bookman

Panther Fest gets underway. (Panther photo by Alexis Bookman)

Enveux makes first appearance


Enveux modeling company made its first appearance of the new school year during Panther Fest.

A meltdown took place for the models to showcase their denim wear.

“The fashion show was nice," Semoria Mosley said. "I didn’t expect it to expose diversity."

“Although everyone wore denim, it showcased individual style," she said.

“It was great to see my peers to embrace all of them," she said. "Claflin is a true family."

More Panther Fest photos

panther fest rosalee dozier

Melinan Day. From left are Ronnie Duncan, D'Angelo Wright, Allen Taste, Kentrell Thomas and Nea Richard. (Panther photo by Rosalee Dozier)

career fair rosalee dozier

S.A.B. representative Antionette Stevenson smiles while serving Claflin students refreshments. (Panther photo by Rosalee Dozier)

Group travis barnes

Claflin University students gather to enjoy the HBCU Kick Off at Panther Fest. (Panther photo by Travis Barnes)

Panther Fest event cody dallas

Students get ready to face off in bubble soccer. (Panther photo by Cody Dallas)

panther fest students cody dallas

(Panther photo by Cody Dallas)

panther fest jenell green

Mr. Claflin 2017-18 Travis Barnes inside the dunking booth during the Panther Fest. (Panther photo by Jennell Green)

panther fest kayla cato

Claflin students gather around and share laughs as they prepare for the Panther Fest Carnival. From left are Erika Davis, Taylor T., Ashley V., John S. and Leslie P. (Panther photo by Kayla Cato)

panther fest kierra felder 1

Dozel Anderson, left, and Angel Hauge have a great time at the carnival behind Commons. "I am a junior and every year this is the best time. Panther Fest is like second homecoming,” Anderson said. (Panther photo by Kierra Felder)

panther fest kierra felder 3

Multiple students were dunked in the dunking booth at the Panther Fest carnival. (Panther photo by Kierra Felder)

panther fest EVANS

DJ Rell mixing on the ones and twos for the last day of Panther Fest. (Panther photo by QuiEra Evans)

panther fest EVANS 2

Triston eating popcorn at the carnival. (Panther photo by QuiEra Evans)


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